Hi Everyone,

Silents Roar! Film Festival was created to encourage young filmmakers — and those with no prior filmmaking experience —  to explore the rich film history that took place in Ithaca and the region.
Did you know that 100 years ago filmmaking brothers Theodore and Leopold Wharton built a bustling motion picture studio in Stewart Park (then known as Renwick Park)? The Wharton Studio produced hundreds of reels of films and serials starring some of the best-known actors and actresses of the day right here in Ithaca. I created a short, silent documentary film about it, which you can watch here.
When I discovered this history I immediately wanted to learn more about it, so I reached out to Ithaca’s Mayor Svante Myrick. He suggested I contact Wharton Studio Museum (WSM), a nonprofit that is preserving and celebrating Ithaca’s silent movie history through film screenings, exhibits, and presentations.
I’m thrilled that WSM is partnering with me to create Tompkins County’s first ever film festival for youth, and I am so excited to get the “reel rolling”. The Silents Roar! festival will culminate in a public screening and awards ceremony. We very much look forward to receiving all your silent film submissions.
Good luck and make sure to have fun!
Fiona Okumu
Silents Roar! Creator and Coordinator
College freshman at Suny Fredonia
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